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Sunset Imaging Systems, A Canon Authorized copier dealership, has been selling and servicing office products in the Tri-county area since 1991. Canon copiers are the industry’s leading copier brand, representing 30 % of all copiers sold in the world. The reliability of these products, as well as Sunset’s pledge to service them quickly and professionally, is the winning combination for customer satisfaction.

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Copiers uphold core daily business functions in every sector and industry, globally, and Canon represents 30% of all copiers used around the world. Sunset Imaging Systems is a Canon-authorized dealer that has been servicing and selling copiers since 1991.

Products & Services

Multifunction Copiers

Today’s office equipment services multiple purposes, which is economically more efficient. Your copier is also a printer, scanner, fax machine—and so much more. Sunset Imaging Systems can help you make the most of your current equipment or help you choose the right type when purchasing a new one.


We carry a wide variety of devices and can help you determine what best suits your office’s needs. Looking for a wide-format printer? We can connect you with the equipment you need to get work done at the highest quality technologically possible today.
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Refurbished Equipment

New isn’t always better—for professional budgets or for the environment. We provide canon refurbished printers and copiers for resale, and they come fully certified by us—with like-new quality at purchase and future performance guarantees.

Service Contracts

Our service contract covers all components, including drums, toner, future maintenance, and more. We love getting into the nuts and bolts of things, so if you want to learn more about what our contract covers, we’re happy to go through it with you anytime.
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Repair and Maintenance

We can service and repair all types of copiers and printers, no matter where you originally purchased it from or the brand type. Reach out for a quote or to satisfy other inquiries about your product.
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Meter Reading

Your equipment keeps essential information stored away, but available, within its diagnostics—and regular meter readings can help you understand what to expect of your machine’s lifespan, predict performance patterns, and prevent malfunctions before they even happen.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, we offer onsite service and maintenance. Simply let us know where you’re located, what your needs are, and when you’d prefer to have us come by. We look forward to getting you back up to full operating capacity.

We proudly support customers in the tri-county area: Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach.

Why Choose Sunset Imaging Systems

Sunset Imaging Systems has been in business for over 30 years. We’re a Canon-authorized dealer, but our experienced technicians hold certifications to service and repair numerous copier and printer types and brands. Wondering if we can help? Give us a call!

We stand behind our service. Our continued success is credited to putting customers first and ensuring they are able to work efficiently with fully functioning copiers and printers. That’s why we use OEM products. We also certify our refurbished printers and copiers to ensure they meet our standards for resale—and live up to our customers’ expectations for performance.

We are a Canon-authorized dealer. They are our preferred brand and we have forged a strong connection with them during our three decades servicing copiers and printers in South Florida. Both Sunset Imaging Systems and Canon are committed to customer satisfaction, and it’s this shared dedication that has strengthened our partnership and our performance over the years.

Learn more ABOUT US, request a quote REQUEST QUOTE, or contact us today to get started on your next purchase or copier repair CONTACT US.