Our Services

Maintain your investment for years to come.

Having the right printer/copier installed at your place of business is important—but it’s only the first step. To get the most from your product, over the largest number of years, you’ll want to schedule regular maintenance, provide timely and effective repairs, and secure reliable technician partners for the length of the machine’s lifespan.

We keep your business up and running.

Sunset Imaging Systems aims to be that partner for business across Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties, and we have been living up to that aim since 1991. Below, see some of our popular services, and please feel free to inquire about any you may not see listed.

List of services.

  • New Canon Copiers for Sale: We sell new Canon Copiers and will fulfill all of servicing needs for your new acquisition. 

  • Leasing Copiers: Sunset Imaging Services leases out quality-assured Canon Copiers. Choose from new or refurbished models. Ensure your team has the exact equipment you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Onsite Service Calls: Our experts will come to you. Reach out to schedule service calls for any brand of copier, printer, or scanner. 

  • Regular Service Appointments: Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Get the most from your equipment with diagnostics, repairs, and regular maintenance on all brands of copiers, printers, and scanners.

  • Inclusive Contracts: Achieve peace of mind with your existing equipment, new purchase, or leased copier. We offer robust contracts for service and maintenance, so you know you’re covered. 

  • Products for Sale: In addition to selling new and refurbished Canon Copiers, we offer all types of toner products. Get everything you need in one place.

Service Contracts

We’ve got you covered—but it’s important that you know exactly how completely we’ve got your back. See it in black and white with our fully inclusive service contracts, which cover all copier equipment and parts, as well as labor. 

Our Eagle Maintenance Contract is exactly what you need in order to feel confident in the longevity and consistency of your equipment. It covers all parts and labor, except the paper itself. Plus, we provide onsite service calls at no charge. 

Repair & Mainenance

Need a professional set of eyes on your equipment? Whether you’ve encountered an obstacle or simply want to prevent them from interrupting your workflow in the future, repair and maintenance visits can ensure your office equipment is working at its optimal capacity. 

Sunset Imaging Services offers repair and maintenance for all copier brands that are not under contract, with a specialization in Canon Copiers. Just give us a call and we can quote you on any service for any brand of any type of office equipment.